I understand that sometimes it's just easier to "sit-in" during the mixing process and give your feedback and suggestions in real-time. Now we can do this from anywhere in the world! With a live mix revision session via Skype, you can see and hear the session and give your input on the spot.  Your original mix package comes with 30 free minutes of live revisions. But, if you'd like more time, you can add that on here (increments of 30 minutes).  Good for 14 Days If 14 days have passed since your 1st mix was delivered or you need more than the 30 -minute free live revision session already included with your mix purchase, choose this option.

Additional Live Zoom Revisions

  • - Increments of 30-minutes


    - You don't need to turn your video on if you prefer not to. You can do a 'Voice Call' and still see and hear what's going on in the studio.


    - I suggest listening on good headphones and/or decent speakers so you can accurately hear what's going on.