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Scroll through the gallery and click on a photo to connect with some of the amazing artists I've worked with.

Safaree - It Is What It Is Vol. 1
Safaree - Fur Coat Vol. 1
Big Grand ft.Uncle Murda-Clap It Up
C- Class feat. Gillie Da Kid
C-Class feat.Fred The Godson -g'd up
Math Hoffa - ACMD2
Cortez - XXL I'm In A Class All By M
Scienze - Hall Pass
Scienze - When Skies Fall
Goddess Venus - Money Bitch Vol. 1
Safaree - Lifeline
Mixed by The Mix Artist
Slash Wisdom "Packed In Pieces"
Elbe Kim x Justo The MC - Fly Seoul
J Diamondz x Mavado - Gully So Gully
Boss China feat. J. Marie - Betrayal
Pen Pals - Pen Pals
Mixed by The Mix Artist
OG Aborigines - Rice Krispy Treats
Cortez - The Exception
MOOK - Motivation On Over Kill
NYMI - No Decency III
Chaptaz - The Pursuit of Greater
Boom P - The Black Rose Mixtape
Pope Preezy - I Won't Forget '15-16
Slash Wisdom - Shi Le Kun
Chino The Nobody - #TheNobodyEP
Yesi - The Breakoff
NYMI - No Decency II
SAF - Stack All Faces Vol. 1
S.A.F - Stack All Faces Vol. 2
May Day
Cryssy Bandz - No Turning Back
Carminatra - Drago
Boss China - #GreatBarzOfChina2
NYMI - No Decency Hosted by DJ Boof
Forress Fungshway - God Era
Milo Don - Dolla N A Dream
Boss China - #GreatBarzOfChina3
Dollahz - No Plan B
Abso The Great - The Prelude
Deron - RXB
Claymore - Placing Claymore
NYMI - The Lee Tape
TWO - Young Prince Of The Game
Da Boy Special - Just To Say I Did I
P. Castellano - M.O.B
King Sleeps - King Of The Streets
BossChina - Great Barz of China
Flou Mane - Flou Season
Will Sullivan - Sullivan City
William Revenue - WorldWide Revenue
ITZMATIC - Itzmatic Season
LA - The Presentation
Slash Wisdom - Right About Now
Justo x Ocho Vazquez - 7-1-Ocho
Blaze - Brooklyn's Best Kept Secret
Chyna Black - Welcome 2 Chyna Town
Scrilla - Race To The Dollar Sign
William Revenue- Tales Of A Cold Hea
PAE - Nitemare On P. Street
Paytra - #Ambitions
Yesi - Coronation


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